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Game Info for Motel Madness

Game name:

Kendo Girl

Game description:

Select the best outfit for her!

Game controls:

Use mouse to interact.

Random Games

  • You have to stop the android before he destroy the city.

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  • Press the buttons and watch the girls' performance.

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  • Shoot the incoming enemies and use bombs if you have to. Upgrade your turret.

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  • Snakeman Steve is blind. He can't find the mice he needs to eat in order to survive. Will you help Steve?

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  • Your father, the great magician Joseph Frost, has been kidnapped by his own tricks. Your aim is to reach 6 levels against the clock to rescue him.

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  • You have 60 seconds to pick up your groceries. Remember the list and pick up the items. Collect all the items on your shopping list to move to the nex...

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  • A defend you master food against this good for nothing stealing mice.

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  • You awaken in a tribal village. Derek your assistant is nowhere to be found. To escape, you must sneak tribal guards and activate highly advanced wood...

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  • As BunnyPenny briefs you on the situation, it's your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by dirty stinking rats to starve the bunny ...

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  • A young couple is in a party at school and they are going to have their first kiss ever. So romantic but be carefull the director can saw you and a cr...

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  • Play a nice game of baseball. Hit the ball as longest and accurate as you can

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  • Episode 2 of Metal Slug Rampage. After all the killing Marco is sent to Iraq to look for Saddam Hu ein. Addition: 360 degree machine gun, health po...

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  • Look for this cool stuff at Polly's pool party.

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  • Time to tilt your bike to make it over barrels and other obstacles without tipping over.

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  • Try to hold and pre the button as long as you can!

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  • Defend the earth and shoot down the alien invasion. Operate your laser anti-space gun and shoot down all invaders.

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  • You are the dentist. Grab your drill and drill off those rotten teeth!

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  • In this game you are Godzilla and you must destroy anything you see by your feet.

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  • Shoot the other smileys. Feel similar to Unreal Flash. Grab those weapons!

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  • Board through the levels as you avoid the obstacles.

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  • Play the crazy knight. He's crazy because he's willing to take on sharp-toothed mutant creatures and the dreaded Grim Reaper himself... all for a litt...

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  • Your Mi ion objectives are to collect weapo , use them and make some noise. Take control of your apache and take down the enemy forces!

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  • This girl has fallen asleep. Click with the mouse on the objects that she is dreaming to prevent her from awakening. You have to click on the storm at...

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  • Your goal is to get as many golden hearts as you can. You earn a golden heart when you collect 10 silver hearts or when you accomplish a mission. You ...

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  • It's hard ball but with a different, every brick does something different some good, some bad.

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  • Mankind has run amok, and it's up to you to set them straight!

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  • Those terrible EVILS are out to get you. How long can you survive the outrageous never ending onslaught of Evils!

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  • The games are about to begin. Take your position at the starting line and see how you rank against the world. You're racing for the top ranking in the...

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  • Place your towers and upgrade them with elements to change how they damage the enemy.

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  • Try this next gen dress up simulator! Secrets can be unlocked by clicking symbols/logos/flowers on the clothes or accessories that have been equipped.

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  • Throw chalk at your teacher and dodge what he throws at you as well. Get chalk from your buddy and throw it at your teacher!

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  • Goal is to keep the board from filing up. Click on hands to make matches following the Hand Jibe Rules. For more detailed i tructio , see the game rul...

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  • Fly around and shoot the rocks.

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  • Can you beat all of the master nations to become a new ping pong legend? Click to pick up your paddle and then control it by moving your mouse.

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  • Fight the computer with multiple combo moves and a few different backdro .

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  • The final confrontation. The Mokele Mbembe has arrived. Derek is about to be eaten alive. To save him, you and Ste enWolf must set-up tra and lure th...

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  • Can you beat a chicken in table hockey ? Lets find out.

    Hits: | 294KB
  • You'll have to search for the secret passages to continue you quest in finding Sowsi San!

    Hits: | 796KB
  • Shoot all 3 enemy snipers before time runs out.

    Hits: | 738KB
  • You are trapped in an abandoned mine with an injured comrade and you both must get out alive. You must shoot to kill because they are not humans. They...

    Hits: | 2922KB
  • Spongebob is here! Dress him up as an astronaut, boxer, pirate, maid, and more! Have fun with his one!

    Hits: | 100KB
  • This is the time for her to shine. It is a good day to wear cool dresses, help her out!

    Hits: | 417KB

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