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Game Info for Motel Madness

Game name:

Kendo Girl

Game description:

Select the best outfit for her!

Game controls:

Use mouse to interact.

Random Games

  • Make a copy of the Christmas cake to move on the next level.

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  • You awaken in a tribal village. Derek your a istant is nowhere to be found. To escape, you must eak tribal guards and activate highly advanced wooden...

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  • Each Driver has $10.00 they wish to spend at the pumps. When a car arrives, use the cursor keys to guide Stelios to a pump to start filing it up. But ...

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  • On your quest to find your destiny, you'll face many obstacles and many enemies. Use the power of your sword wisely and swiftly, for your enemies are ...

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  • Shoot and launch grenades at the incoming bees that are trying to attack your hive.

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  • Fly Flappy as far as you can. Try to pop the balloons but avoid the blue birds.

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  • The aim of the game is to collect all the fish before time run's out. Game controls: Use Mouse to interact.

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  • Your mission in this real-time strategy game is to defend the forest from human colonization and destroy the main factory. Protect the Earth Tree from...

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  • Help Santa to get Christmas gifts back from evil Imps. The Imps are hiding in some of the gifts. Break the boxes with your magic snow ball to find the...

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  • You have to drive back up the one way road to pick up all the money.

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  • The time of the iron war is here. You have to su ly the troo and people with weapo and fuel. Along the way you have to destroy the enemy who is ta...

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  • You have 4 attempts per round, over 3 rounds, to curl your puppy down the kitchen floor to target, the most accurate curler wins!

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  • This is a very cool metal-slug kind of stick game with cool weapons to blast your enemies and exciting action as expected from a stickman. Have fun!

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  • A basket ball that has no foul. Game controls: Player 1 Use WASD to move. Spacebar to punch and shoot. Player 2 Use arrow keys to move. '0'...

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  • Pick up fuel tanks on your way to increase fuel level and laser amount. Red ones give you only one laser shot while blue ones gives you 20 shots. Use ...

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  • When Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy is invaded by the evil army of the Massacre Ninjas there is only one man who can stop them, Bakk Borris!

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  • Work your way up to becoming a rock star by competing in 6 concert levels and earn some money to increase your score.

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  • Guide Tubby through the different regions and grab all the junk food avoiding the enemies.

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  • A fighting game with SpongeBob characters. Two fighting modes.

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  • You are the Aristocrat and you have to protect the ice statue against Professor's family.

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  • You're under attack! Protect the mine as long as you can. If the Decepticons steal 100 units of Energon, The game is over. Use your mouse to position ...

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  • Discover the planet Synta Nefeu, explore the town and find out what adventure is in store for you as you find the aceship in the old castle. Purchase...

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  • What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we dream for, the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories. So bring...

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  • You're supposed to be doing homework - not watching lovely ladies on the telly! Can you sneak a peek without getting caught?

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  • You have to guide Timmy through the various dangerous levels and collect a minimum of 10 magical wands and reach the cage to rescue them.

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  • Win fights to get experience points. By improving you Martial Art Knowledge and performance you will be able to confront any fighters.

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  • Shoot the robots that pop out. Be quick and shoot coolant spots on ceilings to reload.

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  • Extreme racing for car fans! Feel the speed by your own. Be the best, show the best results!

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  • Defend your dirt by attacking all the incoming enemies. Don't try extreme difficulty, you'll cry.

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  • Bunny games:Swing the pitches as they cross the plate and hit enough home runs to go to the next level. Game controls: Click on the proper square ...

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  • Check what outfit suits the girls best!

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  • Can you survive against all the odds of multiple sets of fighters. Get slicing and dicing! Game controls: W, A, S, D - Move. J - Attack. K - Jum...

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  • This girl is so angry with aliens in her backyard that's why you must help her, with the aid of her ball, eliminate them by throwing the ball at them ...

    Hits: | 663KB
  • Have you ever been to Barcelona, Spain? This fun game will let you dress like those in this great European city.

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  • Try to be as careful as possible in driving the research vehicle and go through each level without damaging it. Enjoy!

    Hits: | 430KB
  • This is the most enjoyable snake-pacman game because the snake has got pacman's head! Its the snake game of the new generation. Have fun!

    Hits: | 123KB
  • The alien fleet of strange UFOs have launched a ma ive attack on the valuable forests of our planet to ra ack its hidden treasures. But a brave panda ...

    Hits: | 642KB
  • Like regular Pong only with Dragon Ball Z characters and firing at enemy.

    Hits: | 150KB
  • Sort the waste into the right bins and try to earn as many points as you can.

    Hits: | 144KB
  • Help the Balloon-man survive without hitting the falling icy obstacles.

    Hits: | 375KB
  • Can you help Super girl to wear different kinds of Marvel heroes costumes?

    Hits: | 285KB
  • Continue moving upward in the game as you switch from boy to flying dragon to pass objects.

    Hits: | 1142KB

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