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Game Info for Motel Madness

Game name:

Kendo Girl

Game description:

Select the best outfit for her!

Game controls:

Use mouse to interact.

Random Games

  • Hit Joker, Penguin, or Two Face to gain points.

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  • Jump over spikes and gather items.

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  • Launch the boar and keep him flying for as long as you can with the help of the pengui . Enjoy and have fun!

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  • You will compete with Daisy Duke in this very sexy game of poker. You are handed out with 250 dollars and you must win against the real clever Daisy t...

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  • In this great satirical 'Metal Slug'-like action game you have to defeat the evil Krauts.

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  • You are backing data packet who has to collect as much data possible before being deleted by the firewall. Move yourself through the narrow bandwidth ...

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  • Try your shooting skill bye shooting the ballons floating in the sky.

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  • In this wondrously wacky world, there’s an adventure behind every door!

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  • Fly your battle ship and destroy enemy shi !

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  • The resident of china are sick of thugs ruling the streets, so they have call you to clean the streets from these thugs the kung fu stile clean up, ju...

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  • Try to park the car as fast as you can!

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  • You must defeat the aliens by gathering up their source of power slushies. This is how you complete the levels.

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  • In this candy coloured offering, you are a delightfully plump ninja who has sown a small crop of just 20 seeds. However, before they have a chance to ...

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  • Amy Rose has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic Xs has to fight his way to the top, gaining points by destroying robots, in order to save he...

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  • Can you avoid all the obstacles while showing off your moves and skills in snowboarding?

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  • Wanna create your own underwater haven? Well here's a game that let's you design your own sea with different corals and fishes as well as a mermaid. E...

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  • Enjoy this Christmas clothes with some Christmas spirit.

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  • Wanna wear furs without buying them? Well here's a game that lets you try the latest trend in fashion and with some added magic of make up and a few j...

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  • Small machines compete among themselves.

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  • Get behind the wheel of a realistic 3D computer game featuring RadioShack's ZipZa ? SE cars! Based on the adrenalin laced world of Initial D?, you can...

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  • Catch as many baseballs as possible as they're hit in your direction. Watch out for those holes! Game controls: Use Arrow Keys to interact.

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  • Guide Don, a brave pig through the dangerous levels and rescue the prince . Collect food and gifts along the way to earn points but avoid the creature...

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  • Move and jump while navigating through this original platform game.

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  • Walk down the streets in your giant robot, shooting down soldiers, tanks, helicopters and avoiding civilia .

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  • Take your chances and bet your money on different betting games and see if you're lucky enough to sack more cash. Enjoy!

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  • Summer is no yet over for this cute little doll. Choose a nice beach outfit for her.

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  • Can you make a run to the dark castle and free the captured beautiful princess? The road to the castle is full of great danger. Even the mighty evil d...

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  • This pretty little cute girl has got so many dresses to choose from and its up to you how she will look the most fabulous. Have fun girls!

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  • Pink knight runs out to save those "other" knights.

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  • Choose an opponent to race. Avoid obstacles and collect energy.

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  • It's Kim Po ible's first day at pre school and her Pre-K villai are out to cruch her her irit.

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  • It's the Qin Dynasty in ancient China. Your mission is to accumulate as much gold as possible in each of your own war campaigns to help the emperor bu...

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  • Select your popular character and then fight your opponent using cards that determine your attacks.

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  • Don't stop shooting, dudes! Start right away with the 4th chapter of the action series 2112 Cooperation.

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  • Snowboard down the hill as you freestyle, slalom, or race.

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  • Select the number of players and level to start the game. Blow up your opponents using bombs before they manage to kill you. Destroy blocks to leave b...

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  • Help the new cover girl of Lovele get ready

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  • Shoot everything that moves but beware! Aliens split in two several times before they die. Sometimes there will be a bonus falling after you kill an a...

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  • Complete Tweety's Puzzle piece.

    Hits: | 102KB
  • Send this Easter card to your friends and enjoy a happy Easter in the Happy Tree Friend way.

    Hits: | 824KB
  • Defend your tower by puchasing different war weapons and placing them strategically so enemies may not pass by. Towers can be upgraded to increase the...

    Hits: | 1148KB
  • Fight other circles as you gain a following and defeat smarter, and better groups of enemies.

    Hits: | 786KB

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