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  • Little Emily lost in old castle with ghosts. Help her to solve all puzzles and find way out to the mom.

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  • The Strategy Defense series returns for another take on strategy and sending out soldiers.

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  • Follow Sherlock further into his investigation of Dr. Carstairs and the mummy Anan-thotep. Search the location for the items listed on the left, click...

    Hits: 286321 | 2567KB
  • Destroy the evil spirits before they destroy you.

    Hits: 285760 | 1169KB
  • Click and drag the plane for distance, Pull up or down to make it tilt in angle then release left click to launch.

    Hits: 282750 | 989KB
  • You need to hunt for the page nine times in order to escape the room

    Hits: 281817 | 720KB
  • This girl has fallen asleep. Click with the mouse on the objects that she is dreaming to prevent her from awakening. You have to click on the storm at...

    Hits: 281754 | 5359KB
  • Build a monster snowball for some car-crushing action! Choose keyboard or mouse controls for this game.

    Hits: 280291 | 2960KB
  • Grab the stars and coins. Don't get stuck in an endless loop of levels.

    Hits: 280140 | 1689KB
  • rescue your friends! Jump and avoid obstacle underwater.

    Hits: 279579 | 3826KB
  • Drive your van into the flashing circles to complete deliveries and increase your score. Avoid cameras and other cards to keep your attentionometer do...

    Hits: 277418 | 190KB
  • Shake things up and create your own snow globe!

    Hits: 274019 | 1307KB
  • Collect the mushroom and bring them to the castle.

    Hits: 273604 | 186KB
  • All your life all you ever wanted to do is play video games and dream of one day becoming a profe ional gamer. Amidst all the discouragements, now is ...

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  • Run around as Strawberry Clock. Power up your energy and jump over dangers.

    Hits: 268085 | 3150KB
  • Winter has come to Stalingrad, but the siege continues. Can you purge the city?

    Hits: 267891 | 2208KB
  • Collect all the stars in a pixelated world, in order to pass to the next level, before the time runs out. Get many bonuses, killing your enemies.

    Hits: 267356 | 602KB
  • Build Barracks and Factories to build Troops and Tanks to demolish your enemy! We don't take prisoners in this Real Time Strategy!

    Hits: 267264 | 1658KB
  • Help Mario find the key to his house and make his way to the top of

    Hits: 266546 | 97KB
  • Collect coins and other valuables. Avoid Bins, Bulldog, Police and other obstructions.

    Hits: 264756 | 365KB
  • The Princess is in big trouble. Better not waste anymore time to save her.

    Hits: 264450 | 2357KB
  • You wake up in a room unfamiliar to you. The door is locked and the lights are out! Use the items in the room to figure out how to escape.

    Hits: 263621 | 486KB
  • Use the crab to grab the food item which is at a greater depth. The Deeper you go, the higher is the priced food item that it grabs. Utilize the given...

    Hits: 263465 | 722KB
  • Help the twins Shuffle Maddie' s snack display by using as special fishing rod.

    Hits: 262983 | 1124KB
  • Guide Baboon around the backstage area and find all the missing envelopes!

    Hits: 261499 | 640KB
  • Start from scratch get a job build up money buy a new house go clu ing and party with hot girls.

    Hits: 259789 | 1652KB
  • Similar to Mario except with little chicklettes. Save the chicklettes from a KFC death!

    Hits: 257378 | 3674KB
  • Avoid obstacles while collecting goodies.

    Hits: 257265 | 5648KB
  • The Ultimate Defence Game. Take control of 4 separate turrets as you fight off 30 waves of enemies. Multiple Power/Armor and Weapon upgrades as well.

    Hits: 256731 | 3540KB
  • In Submachine 3 the dream continues as you must try to escape from a series of seemingly endless, identical chambers. This time there is no inventory,...

    Hits: 256612 | 1809KB
  • Avoid the cars coming both ways and see how long you can survive!

    Hits: 256453 | 224KB
  • Welcome to your adventure. You must first go find the bomb bag. Now run and discover your destiny. You must cross the through maze to get the spherule...

    Hits: 256206 | 442KB
  • Collect yummy foods along the way while dodging all those monsters.

    Hits: 256006 | 1308KB
  • Play as Sonic in Mario World. Can you defeat the evil Mario or will you be stuck there forever?

    Hits: 255530 | 1061KB
  • Your objective in this puzzle game is to save the presidential family. Evil puppet Pigsaw has kidnapped Michelle, Sasha and Malia to force Obama to pl...

    Hits: 255497 | 1870KB
  • A defense game with Mages, Archers, and Ninjas instead of turrets and towers. Watch your placements.

    Hits: 253824 | 1681KB
  • Here comes the sequel to the point and click adventure Covert Front. Explore the dark areas, collect various stuff. Game controls: Use Mouse to in...

    Hits: 253646 | 4106KB
  • Travel the maze-like city heading towards the end while dodging water balloons.

    Hits: 253636 | 820KB
  • You are Kirby, you have 4 minutes to catch stars and kill as many enemies as possible.

    Hits: 253447 | 9229KB
  • The mars colonies are in danger. Pilot a spaceship through the underground caves and save them. Explore the caves, piloting your ship trough the remna...

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