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  • Practice your manicuring skill by choosing different nail styles. There are different lovely combinations possible.

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  • Choose ingredients and decorate your birthday cake! Game controls: Use mouse to interact.

    Hits: 238424 | 95KB
  • My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets, and backgrounds to create your perfect room!

    Hits: 214932 | 4940KB
  • The more efficiently you drive, the less fuel you use and the longer your car remains on the road. Be sure to avoid police road blocks. These will mov...

    Hits: 210057 | 291KB
  • Wanna create your own underwater haven? Well here's a game that let's you design your own sea with different corals and fishes as well as a mermaid. E...

    Hits: 201497 | 222KB
  • This kid needs some serious help. Her room must be tidied up before her friends came in. Help her up and have fun! Game controls: Mouse - To inter...

    Hits: 197576 | 492KB
  • Decorate the scenery on the sea shore with lots of beach accessories and objects.

    Hits: 194866 | 678KB
  • Decorate this house as scary as possible. Game controls: Use mouse to interact.

    Hits: 193986 | 89KB
  • This kid needs some serious help. Her room must be tidied up before her friends came in. Help her up and have fun!

    Hits: 189693 | 492KB
  • Follow the instructions to bake and decorate the cake. Game controls: Use mouse to interact.

    Hits: 187760 | 344KB
  • Decorate your cake in a way you like!

    Hits: 186354 | 1695KB
  • Run a camp ground. Great strategy game.

    Hits: 176961 | 7895KB
  • These 3 girls are assigned to decorate the room for the big party. Help them dress up and put things in the best order so the party may start sooner. ...

    Hits: 174337 | 151KB
  • Pick items and help the girls decorate their room for a birthday party.

    Hits: 174042 | 340KB
  • Drag items into the scene and make your own scene that you want. Multiple girls, creatures and items.

    Hits: 173523 | 1813KB
  • Sitting on the same furniture, looking at the same decorations each and every day gets dull after a while. Surely it would be great if you could get r...

    Hits: 171160 | 2886KB
  • Control your car and avoid all obstacle in the street.

    Hits: 169462 | 654KB
  • This little lady wants her living room back to normal, so let's help her put all the items in their best places to cheer her up. Have fun! Game co...

    Hits: 163531 | 180KB
  • Help Hansel and Gretel build there very own house made out of goodies.

    Hits: 159466 | 740KB
  • Use the ingredients and decorate your own cake.

    Hits: 159134 | 102KB
  • Decorate the amusement park with merry-go-rounds, plants and balloons!

    Hits: 157898 | 780KB
  • Help this little girl manage her room by putting items in the best order that you think is possible. Have fun! Game controls: Mouse - To interact.

    Hits: 154437 | 830KB
  • Arrange the houses, Christmas trees, candy canes and snowman in this cool game in Santa's place. Have fun! Game controls: Mouse - To interact.

    Hits: 153005 | 885KB
  • Help Holly Hobbie and her friends run their lemonade stand by completing 3 levels of fun. Earn a coloring page for each level you complete. Get points...

    Hits: 150644 | 646KB
  • Change the mobile phones just as you like using the accessories given. Game controls: Use mouse to interact.

    Hits: 144356 | 288KB
  • Avoid all obstacles and eat as many food as possible.

    Hits: 121712 | 2587KB
  • You control a Crossing Patrol Guard/Lollipop Person who is tasked with helping kids cross the road to school.

    Hits: 96657 | 573KB
  • Pimp the car to your liking and make it look as cool as possible. Save picture from flash once done.

    Hits: 95756 | 1728KB
  • Look at the order and prepare exactly the same cake.

    Hits: 80160 | 523KB
  • This cute little bird wants you to dress him up. You have tons of accessories to put on him.

    Hits: 75117 | 160KB
  • Girls are gonna be crazy with this very cool game that lets you customize these nails with very beautiful nail colors that will suit your lifestyle. E...

    Hits: 72659 | 1190KB
  • A beautiful view, romantic scene, Prince wants to proposes to her? Be creative by designing the backgrounds and scenery.

    Hits: 68697 | 1016KB
  • Use the items given and decorate the classroom. Game controls: Use mouse to interact.

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