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  • Race the sea horses and try to win first place.

    Hits: 317994 | 1443KB
  • Help the girl choose some nice clothes to wear on her first date.

    Hits: 308770 | 181KB
  • At the beach, everyone's gotta make a statement. This girl has got to do it through her dresses. Can you help her?

    Hits: 304922 | 86KB
  • Dress up Janice and pick for her a new hairdo.

    Hits: 304883 | 175KB
  • Dress up this sweet baby in some cute little clothes.

    Hits: 303740 | 72KB
  • Tower Defense with new levels, new bloons, towers and upgrades!

    Hits: 303316 | 759KB
  • Hit your opponent with the ball while dodging your opponents attacks!

    Hits: 300164 | 168KB
  • Erin loves comfortable, airy clothes. She doesn't like anything that will make her feel hot.

    Hits: 297507 | 353KB
  • Dress as a Lady for a walk on the deck of the beautiful Titanic!

    Hits: 297335 | 344KB
  • In

    Hits: 295619 | 1203KB
  • You are an officer in command of a small troop of military in the midst of WWII. You have to guide your troops to safety. You get two or more options ...

    Hits: 295168 | 5265KB
  • Learn to make a delicious dish for the holidays.

    Hits: 294716 | 898KB
  • Take the can and place it in the circle, find your friends and return there running as fast as you can before anybody arrives first.

    Hits: 294630 | 97KB
  • Create a snapshot of your look! Spice up your look with free fashion advice then take the style quiz!

    Hits: 294408 | 407KB
  • A Pokemon version of collapse.

    Hits: 294269 | 547KB
  • How far can you fly out of the front windshield of your car? Press space when the pointer is at the dots to gain speed. If you press the Space bar out...

    Hits: 293041 | 183KB
  • You are tasked to clean all the windows of the building, but you should also be warned that the windows might open or some flower vases might fall tha...

    Hits: 291624 | 267KB
  • Poor Fat Pol! He was abducted and had all sorts of vile experiments performed on him. Help him elude his cruel captors and escape from them once and f...

    Hits: 291550 | 684KB
  • Join Weezer in their jam session by correctly thumping to the beats of their song, much like the dance revolution game but this is more addictive, fun...

    Hits: 290449 | 2449KB
  • At the public park, make the young guy to kiss his girlfriend, who is accompanied by her dad. Remember! Make the guy to kiss without getting noticed, ...

    Hits: 289711 | 637KB
  • Make sure this girl looks stunning when she takes her dog for a walk in the park.

    Hits: 288630 | 892KB
  • As a researcher, we need you to find and photograph these endangered animals!

    Hits: 287830 | 5660KB
  • Do the fruit frosting on the cake, and make a similar cake. Select the correct cake shape, do the icing with the cream, and arrange the fruits over it...

    Hits: 287718 | 309KB
  • Help this cute little squirrel gather all the nuts he needs to survive winter. Stay off the ground since squirrels prefer to fly, instead of walking w...

    Hits: 287658 | 587KB
  • Help Mickey Mouse collect and catch all falling apples.

    Hits: 287394 | 57KB
  • Help Smithy get back his golden spork stolen from him by the evil clown in this humorous adventure game.

    Hits: 287348 | 1404KB
  • We like nothing better than hanging out in jeans and a funky top,dress the doll with all the latest styles.

    Hits: 287311 | 286KB
  • Your Disney pals want you to play with them at the beach. You've got to pop all the bubbles until there aren't any left.

    Hits: 286405 | 305KB
  • Step up the gas and use your brakes when bumpy terrain is coming up.

    Hits: 285586 | 559KB
  • Pair the cards at shortest amount of time.

    Hits: 285557 | 47KB
  • Toph and her friends need to reach Ba Sing Se on the other side of the dreaded Serpent's Pass. Use Toph's earthbending skills to repair the rocks so a...

    Hits: 285529 | 1438KB
  • Try assorted designs of satin skirts.

    Hits: 283837 | 778KB
  • Grab some coins and dodge the enemies that are bouncing and flying around.

    Hits: 283039 | 1212KB
  • Using tubes and an assortment of offbeat devices, get the candy into the bucket in the most creative way possible.

    Hits: 283028 | 572KB
  • Try your memory skills with Mermaid Melody Cards.

    Hits: 282867 | 230KB
  • Fight other characters with a turn based attack system. Can you win?

    Hits: 282586 | 1133KB
  • Help little red riding hood to collect enough cookies for the feast and find her way through the cookie maze! But watch out for the big mean wolf.

    Hits: 281678 | 332KB
  • Make a way out for your boat by moving other boats.

    Hits: 281664 | 765KB
  • Try to escape the prison without getting detected

    Hits: 281393 | 3130KB
  • Shoot the crazy toons! Excellent Music!

    Hits: 281083 | 481KB
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