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  • This is quite a standard Tetris game, but with different game modes. The marathon mode is the classical endless Tetris. In other modes you need to eli...

    Hits: 277138 | 676KB
  • little Quarks battle against each other to try and control the most subnuclear matter!

    Hits: 266331 | 176KB
  • This game can be played with one or two players. It is all about teamwork.

    Hits: 265482 | 2269KB
  • Push your opponent in the water and try picking as much points as you can.

    Hits: 265355 | 149KB
  • Play single player, 2 player on one keyboard, or by yourself controlling 2 seperate ships.

    Hits: 264935 | 6254KB
  • A Flash multiplayer version of Scorched Earth!

    Hits: 264382 | 757KB
  • The Dragon Master is back, but this time he has brought with him the legendary and powerful Dragon Blade. Defeat your opponents with combinations of p...

    Hits: 262001 | 1608KB
  • Classic game of Contra. Compare your time to others.

    Hits: 260317 | 1479KB
  • A classic duel between a worm and a chicken.

    Hits: 259914 | 97KB
  • Launch your missiles with the correct trajectory to hit the opposing military force.

    Hits: 256786 | 9782KB
  • Blow up your opponents before they kill you.

    Hits: 254233 | 450KB
  • Only one team of gay stereotypes can become Gaylords

    Hits: 251515 | 564KB
  • Choose your cat fighter and then try to beat all the other types of cats in this fighting game.

    Hits: 250987 | 399KB
  • Shoot apples and green goblins as you strive to get just enough distance for that perfect bowshot.

    Hits: 249882 | 1699KB
  • Get your friend and duel your cocks.

    Hits: 246592 | 265KB
  • Place your tiles to turn your opponents pieces into yours. Win by having the most tiles.

    Hits: 245635 | 186KB
  • Now badminton even more fun. Play with stickman or with friend.

    Hits: 244960 | 1006KB
  • Play against Cartoon Network stars in game of hoop.

    Hits: 243825 | 2349KB
  • Second part of the game Mario Bomb It! This time its Mario's turn to blow his enemy!

    Hits: 242365 | 450KB
  • A Contra-like side scrolling action game!

    Hits: 238851 | 3233KB
  • Go head-to-head to see which one of you gets the best score. Get at least 45 points to get the Bronze medal. Other medals can be obtained with higher ...

    Hits: 235835 | 1436KB
  • This is the full NES version of super mario bros 3.

    Hits: 234132 | 0KB
  • Get the hot pizza to your ravenous friend the most direct way possible.

    Hits: 231371 | 156KB
  • Shoot all the incoming alien creatures and defend your tower at all costs. When it's gone it's over.

    Hits: 231313 | 837KB
  • BadGuys clone of Alien Hominid game "All You Can Eat", but with Christmas dinner.

    Hits: 231192 | 1100KB
  • Four Square is tic-tac-toe on crack. The object is to make square of four blocks of your color. Completing multiple boxes in a single turn gives you a...

    Hits: 230640 | 30KB
  • Fight against the computer as you setup your game, choose your character and try to win.

    Hits: 230612 | 7221KB
  • Compete against other tribe members to become the new chief, and win the heart of beautiful Princess Fabiola.

    Hits: 230089 | 2339KB
  • Classic old school game run around and shoot your harpoon at the dangerous bubbles to break them down.

    Hits: 229776 | 602KB
  • Navigate a rocket with two drunk dudes through space, dodge asteroids and beg for change!?

    Hits: 228377 | 3260KB
  • An original cat fighting game. 2 Player only.

    Hits: 228154 | 105KB
  • Jingle Ballistics is a 1 on 1 classical-style 2D fighting game where Christmas characters battle it out to be the best fighter.

    Hits: 227537 | 1577KB
  • Help Sponge Bob and Patrick in who's the better between them in the carnival games.

    Hits: 227351 | 2537KB
  • Even more valuable than the shells themselves is the ocean adventure!

    Hits: 227310 | 894KB
  • The beach is the perfect place for collecting the head.

    Hits: 227048 | 327KB
  • Save your pens and pencils, it's the classic game of Dots, in Flash! Redesigned, and now with two player mode!

    Hits: 226578 | 32KB
  • Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit! Try to ace your opponent on this twisted t...

    Hits: 225860 | 5369KB
  • Intergalactic association "UFO Racing" hold an championship. You've got a chance to send a challenge to the best racers across the universe ...

    Hits: 225445 | 2220KB
  • Fight using innovative moves similar to that of pushing Dance Dance Revolution keys.

    Hits: 225314 | 4797KB
  • Play billiard solo or against a friend (multiplayer).

    Hits: 224275 | 215KB
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